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It’s Not You…
14Feb2010 - Thought of trying to find a good woman before Valentine’s Day. Made a cartoon instead.

30Dec2007 - Homage to the less-ambitious students. Playing with alliteration. Ended up with a harsher tone than I had intended. Oops.

17Nov2007 - Poking fun of a student. That's considered good teaching practice in Louisiana.

Just Flirtin'
29Apr2007 - Crafted at the peak of bitterness, I initially removed this posting for several years since it reflects my lesser attributes. But dang, it was the most cathartic cartoon I've ever made.

Meant To Tell You
23Nov2006 - Inspired by a horrific infatuation that never should have happened.

30Jul2006 - My over-ambitious first attempt at a Flash cartoon based on an infatuation that I was too chicken to pursue. I put it aside for three years before finally finishing the animation and deciding to do without any audio.

Mr. White's Classroom 2006
28Jul2006 - A loving tribute to my brief time at West Jefferson High School.

05Mar2006 - A graduate class assignment originally created as a Powerpoint Presentation, inspired by motivational posters.

Thank You Miss
28Feb2006 - Inspired by an admittedly weak attempt at romance.

Mr. White's Classroom
24Nov2005 - A loving tribute to my brief time at Bonnabel High School.

O Beckoning Babe
31Dec2004 - My very first completed Flash cartoon. Inspired by the time I briefly dipped my toe into the murky waters of online dating.

Smooth As
30Sep2001 - My earliest animation, created with Director software before I realized that Flash was about to become the standard. Inspired by a clumsy and shallow attempt at workplace romance. Rambling and clunky, I still like the artwork to this day.

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