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Mr. White’s Classroom

written Thursday, 11/24/2005

To my valued friends and family,

Several of you have lamented that you’re unable to visit my classroom and experience all the gripping drama and theatrics – Especially after last week’s shocking transformation. Confidentiality restrictions prevent me from videotaping my classes at will, so allow me to present you with the next-best thing: a Flash animation.

Live the “Mr. White’s Classroom” experience in the comfort of your own home or workplace. With this on-demand service, get a taste of my teaching style and demeanor any time you please. You’ll feel just like a student in my classroom!

Do you want to be in the “good” class with the Old Mr. White, who established respect and professionalism as the cornerstone of his classroom? No problem!

Would you prefer to be in one of the “bad” classes, and feel the unbridled fury of the New Mr. White? You got it!

Enjoy… and you’re welcome.


Note to the technologically-challenged: Once the file has finished downloading, a red button will appear. Click the red button to “enter the classroom.” Once inside the classroom, click the buttons on the chalkboard to make stuff happen. The top button randomly plays one of eight animation clips for each of the two scenes, so click away until you get bored.



Another note:
’ve posted a “clean version” of this animation on another web space, in which I take a little more care to bleep out two instances of foul language in the “New Mr. White” clips.
I’ve also posted a “bhs version” on the other web space. I will give my students the web address to this version. All “New Mr. White” audio is removed, the unflattering descriptions of the students in the opening scene (“horrible heathens,” “precocious pukes,” “bratty buttheads”) are removed, and the New flag reads “Be quiet” instead of “Shut up.”

Even more notes:

  • Download size: 272 KB
  • System requirements: Flash Player 6 or later installed in your web browser, and a computer that isn’t too ancient. The graphics may stall on older computers.
  • Larger viewing window: If you’d like the animation to fill your browser window, you may directly view the SWF file, but the graphics tend to stall as you fill more of the screen.
  • Hidden buttons: The “talk” button plays the Mr. White clips in random order. However, there are hidden buttons at the top of the animation window that will allow you to select which clip to play. The buttons become visible as you place the cursor over them.
  • Sigh: Yes, this is how I’ve spent much of my week off.