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Just Flirtin’

completed Sunday, 4/29/2007

I’m just a guy who teaches math
I’m really not a psychopath
Yes I’ll behave, I won’t renege
Now, can you find the Easter egg?

I thought of the idea for “Just Flirtin’” and sketched the storyboard late last year. The animation process was derailed for several months by the English vs. Math feud at school and several other diversions.

As often happens with my projects, I’m afraid it may give a different “message” than I had intended. I imagined it having a more playful tone, but some spontaneous artistic decisions altered the direction.

I predict that many of my friends and family will enjoy the way “Just Flirtin’” turned out, and some probably will not. Personally though, developing this cartoon has been quite therapeutic, and it’s become one of my instant favorites.


  • Download size: 736KB ( two to three minutes with 56K dial-up)
  • System requirements: Free Flash Player, version 6 or later, installed in your web browser.
  • To make the animation fill more of your screen, resize the pop-up window that contains the animation. If the animation graphics seem to stall, make the window smaller.
  • Here’s the storyboard: