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Video: Poems from the Mathside
23Aug2009 - Recitation of a romantic ode to one of my favorite mathematical functions, performed at an open mic poetry event.

Video: Gusher at Lusher
03Aug2009 - The final rap showdown between English teacher Depp and myself. Event occurred on 26Jan2007, but finally edited video a couple years later.

Video: Fundamentals of Math, with Jude & Jerome
11Jun2009 - Wanting to convince my students that this math stuff really isn't all that hard, I employed the services of young Jude Depp.

Video: Girls, with Jude & Jerome
23May2009 - How better to secure one's bed in heaven than to offer guidance and wisdom to an impressionable tot?

Video: The Best Subject, with Jude & Jerome
23May2009 - Trying to steer young Jude Depp away from the dubious persuasions of his English-teachin' father.

Video: Mr. White's Honor Roll
20May2009 - A heart-felt tribute to all the students who try sooooo hard in my class that they collapse from exhaustion in their seats.

Feb2009 - Excursion into the world of an art form that certainly appeals to my geometric sensibilities.
Amgibrams read either exactly the same when read upside down, or they read another word or phrase.

  • Click images for Flash versions. In new window, click image to animate the ambigram (except clock which links to a still image)
  • Original posting, with more info

Studio Art
2000-2001 - I wish my exploration of studio art could have turned into something more substantial. Even though I liked many of the results, I found the process exceedingly frustrating. I'd like to think that someday I'll try it out again with a more mellow attitude.

Jeromemark® Paper Art Cards:
Jan-Apr1994 - A series of cards with moving parts made just for fun during my Junior year in college. The content is not of utmost maturity level, but to this day I still am quite impressed with the successively increased complexity of the paper mechanisms. Perhaps this even contributed to me finally declaring my major in Mechanical Engineering that year.
While posted here as Flash animations, I still possess the functional paper versions of these cards.

Rubber Stamps
high school/college - A couple rubber stamps I made during my college years. I must have carved about a dozen stamps out of thick linoleum, although I ultimately discarded all of them except these two.

high school/college - After a kid in 4th grade refused to show me how to make a paper balloon, I bought some origami books and an obsession was born. My paper fetish reached full swing during high school and college, with forrays into traditional origami (first photo), modular origami (second photo), and origamic architecture (3D pop-up cards, no photo).
While this hobby was often a tremendous time sink, I still feel a sense of loss that my interest waned after college. Almost all origami models I folded were designed by others, so I won't bother showing too many photos. However, the last "viking" photo is the lone model I designed that was ever worth making again. Per the constraints of "pure origami," it was constructed from a single square piece of paper with no cuts or adhesives of any kind.