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Mr. White’s Classroom 2006

completed Friday, 7/28/2006

How could I not make an animation to commemorate my time teaching at West Jefferson High School?

It was hard to think of an idea as fun as the first Mr. White’s classroom animation, which I made while working at Bonnabel High School, but I’m quite happy with this one too.

I wish I could have gotten one of my West Jeff students to provide the voice of the animated student, who is based on many children in general but no one in particular. Despite the frustrations that inspired this animation, somehow I learned to love those kids.



  • Download size: 932 KB ( four to five minutes with 56K dial-up)
  • If you really can’t wait that long with your pathetically-slow dial-up connection, you can view a “low resolution version.” The file size is only 392 KB (less than two minutes with 56K), but the picture quality and audio quality are much poorer.
  • System requirements: Flash Player 6 or later installed in your web browser, and a computer that isn’t too ancient. The graphics may stall on older computers.
  • To make the animation fill more of your screen, resize the pop-up window that contains the animation.
  • While any of the eight clips are playing, you can click a hidden button in the upper left corner to return to the main menu screen.