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Goodbye Seniors

posted Monday 5/18/2009
(song/animation completed 5/18/2009)

With summer vacation fast approaching, I thought I had already written my last song of the 2008-2009 school year. Then a joking exchange with an administrator about performing a song at graduation led to the idea for an ode to our departing seniors. Ultimately I felt that the flurry of year-end school events had become too crammed full to include any of my fine musical talents at any of them, but the production of this song went forward nonetheless.
This year’s senior class is graduating numerous fine young people (some of whom were even fine young students) who have provided me with some fond memories, so there’s actually quite a bit of sincere sentiment in this song veiled behind all the tongue-in-cheek cheesiness.

I only regret that the seniors have already had their last day at school, so I can’t play my musical adieu for them. Graduation this Friday will be the next and last time I see them at a Lusher event.

Goodbye Seniors

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Other versions:

Have You Seen Her

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