“Goodbye Seniors” Lyrics

Jerome A. White
song and animation completed 5/18/09

Awww yeaaah, this oldie goes out to the class of 2009, or as we call ‘em on the Mathside, the class of 28^2+ 35^2 (Woo!)
Let’s take it way back to the early seventies;
The year is 3^5 + 12^3 (1971 baby!)
Tell ‘em how it go, Mista Whizz-ite

Four years ago today
I was a brand new teachin’ fool
But now I stare longingly
Down the halls of Lusher Charter School

I stand at the front of my same ol’ room
To help the children learn (huh)
You know, I had my chance at life
But for them, well now it’s their turn

They all pretend to pay attention
They like it when I rap
They say they like my class
(He heh) They’re so full of crap!

I know I can’t cling to the past
But in my heart I hold them near
I’ll miss them in my class
Let’s keep them – Just one more year!

Oh I see them strut with their ’09 rings
Now they’re movin’ up to better things
Goodbye seniors!
We’re wavin’ goodbye seniors!

Oh I feel so warm and squishy inside
When I see how they’ve shown their Lusher pride
Goodbye seniors!
We wish you goodbye seniors!

Why, oh, why
Do you have to leave us, and go away?
Oh-oh-oh, I never thought that you would graduate
But I was wrong
You’re almost gone (Oh)

Daaang seniors, why you leavin’ us now?
After all we’ve been through,
We were just beginning to like you!
And now you’re just gonna run off to be with some other school that you just met, and soon forget all about lil’ ol’ Lusher?
That ain’t right; C’mon seniors, listen:

When you’re livin’ out your dreams someday
Don’t forget who helped pave your way
Goodbye seniors!
We bid you goodbye seniors!

When you’re singin’ and dancin’ in a Broadway show
Think back on your teachers and send us some dough
Goodbye seniors!
We’re pleadin’ goodbye seniors!

Why, oh, why
Do you have to leave us, and go away (oh yeah)
Oh-oh-oh, I didn’t think that you’d really graduate
But I was wrong
You’re almost gone (Oh)

Alright then seniors, it’s like that, huh?
Okay, hmph, I can tell
I’ll just choke back my tears
and say farewell

As another year comes to an end
The 1-0 class is just around the bend
But my heart may never mend
With all the students I know
I can’t help but grieve
You know, it’s funny
I thought those seniors would never leave

(Soulful (?) crooning)