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posted Saturday 4/25/2009
(song/animation completed 4/1/2009)

Nearing the end of my fourth year as a high school math teacher, I still constantly ponder which policies and procedures would improve the educational process in my classroom. In previous years I’ve tried to implement a reasonable and effective policy on test retakes, but after the first quarter this year I eliminated retakes altogether.

This song is dedicated to all those students who neglected to do their homework, never asked for help, and never took advantage of the retake opportunity when it was available to them, yet still cried “not fair” when I changed the retake policy.

I plan to debut this song at the Lusher prom later tonight to pseudo-throngs of semi-adoring fans. So excuse me, I have a house to rock.


Click image to play full song/animation by Mista Whizz-ite
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Other versions:


Click image to play one-minute clip from the song by Amy Winehouse
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Retake — Live

Live performance at the Lusher prom. Poor video quality doesn’t quite capture the awesomeness of the moment, but you get the idea.