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For newlyweds Kristen and Peter!
Inspired by the classic novella  "Flatland," the Robert Cray song "The One In the Middle," and the cool couple themselves.

After writing about a dozen Math songs and poems, the past one and a half years has presented a lyrical dry spell. I figured perhaps the novelty had worn off and maybe it was time for me to find new creative outlets. However, when Peter asked me to write and recite a poem for his wedding on 10-10-15, it was hard for me to say no. “Curly P” had been my primary writing and performing partner for many of those recent years’ Math songs. While the writing process was slow and labored for this one, eventually a poem emerged. I wasn’t completely happy with it at first. I think I had a vision at the time that was not being realized. At the wedding though the recital was very well received. Once I managed to let go of what I had originally intended this poem to become, I started appreciating how it turned out a little more. Or at least enough to go ahead and make an animation to go along with it.

Three of the verses are mostly borrowed from my earlier poem, Love Triangle. If that’s still considered plagiarism, then at least I know that I shall take no legal action against myself.


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