Jerome A. White

Such a curious lad, our protagonist Pete
From a very young age he’d stroll down the street
Numerically nimble, he was more than inclined
To let droves of digits dwell deep in his mind

“Twenty-five, thirty-six, forty-nine, sixty-four”
He recited those figures and so many more
For you see young Pete was keenly aware
That just like those numbers, he was perfectly square

But Pete and his numbers were hip to the fact
That the life of a square is oppressively flat
So he approached a trio of triangular girls
Eager to add some depth to his world

The one on the left he tried to seduce
Only to find her obliquely obtuse
Her oversized angle subtly symbolic
Of the diverging vectors their lives would follow

The one on the right he could hardly dispute
Her compact form was indeed acute
But her intelligence quotient, to put it quite kindly
Like the degrees of her angles did not surpass ninety

This prosaic pair left him noncommittal
Until Pete laid eyes on the one in the middle
Instantly he knew, enthralled at first sight
The only word to describe her was “right”

Suddenly smitten, he was so thrilled to meet her
“Well hello Ms. Right Triangle, I’m Perfect Square Peter.”
She smiled in return, and he knew he had scored
“Well how do you do? My name’s Kristen Ward.”

Their love gradually blossomed, it could not be contained
Within the flatness of a mutual plane
So they forged out a space where together they’d live
Their unique dimensions proved additive

2-D plus 2-D summed up to four
In each other’s dimensions, so much to explore
And from wedding day forward they’ll surely find more
An infinite world with love at the core

Right Triangle Kristen and Perfect Square Pete
Simplexes and tesseracts now reside on their street
And from higher dimensions they beam down their projection
And to them we beam back our support and affection