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Rebirth of Math (Cool Like Math)

posted Wednesday 11/30/2011
(song/animation completed 11/23/2011)

Whenever I drop a funky-fresh, super-dope math jam parody, invariably a few kids will suggest, “You should do [fill in flavor-of-the-month song here] next.”

I typically don’t invite or listen to such suggestions. Early last school year though, I had already decided to make “Super Geek” the next A.M.C. song/animation when my student Kemba mentioned “Rebirth of Slick” by Digable Planets. Immediately I knew that this would be the song to parody for the following year and I’ve been looking forward to it ever since.

Over the summer I intended to get a head start on the project, hoping to avoid spending a disproportionate amount of my Thanksgiving break on it (as has been the case for several years running). My lyrics were complete by the opening week of school, and colleagues Peter Wenstrup and Matthew Owen made sure to contribute their verses on schedule. However, I knew that my choice to feature hand-drawn and scanned artwork would deplete whatever time-savings I had accrued. So even though the song was almost complete several weeks ago, once again I spent the first four to five days of Thanksgiving break on the animation. The process of seeing the project materialize before me provides an immense thrill that is well worth the time cost. I’m very pleased with the contributions of my Lusher High School Math Department colleagues and the results of my own labor this year. In fact, this is my instant favorite of the four A.M.C. videos made so far. Thanks to K-Fro for the idea!

Rebirth of Math (Cool Like Math)

Click image to play full song/animation by Run AMC
(Flash animation file will play from a new browser window)

Other versions:

Rebirth of Slick (Cool Like Dat)

Click image to play one-minute clip from the song by Digable Planets
(mp3 file will play from a new browser window)