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Super Geek

posted Friday 12/3/2010
(song/animation completed 11/24/2010)

I remember chaperoning a Lusher school dance when the DJ played Super Freak. I can't think of many songs that can pump up both the young and old in a dance crowd like this 1981 Rick James classic.

And so in honor of the very kinky girl who you don't take home to mother, Super Geek is intended to hype the 62nd annual American Mathematics Competition. Lusher students will participate for the fifth time in our high school's five-year existence.

Colleague "Curly P" Peter Wenstrup was a bit reluctant to tackle a song that involved actual singing, given our established reputation as top-notch rappers. Ultimately though, he and my other high school math colleagues (Ms. Greco, Ms. Brown, and Coach Kwame) were great sports in lending their vocal talents.

Super Geek

Click image to play full song/animation by Run AMC
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Other versions:

Super Freak

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