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Eye On Deriving

posted Sunday 5/8/2011
(song/video completed 4/2/2011)

I first showed the Rocky-themed video for “Eye of the Tiger” at the end of the last school year in my AP Calculus classes. I thought the underdog story was a fitting metaphor for the journey my students had just taken with me, and I was surprised by how many students were familiar with the Rocky movies and the 1982 song (Turns out the LSU band plays the song at football games, so I hear).
This year I felt inspired to customize the song and video for my class. Kudos to all 32 students this year who endured the grueling battle of AP Calculus!

Eye On Deriving

Click image to play full song/animation by Run AMC
(Flash animation file will play from a new browser window)

Other versions:

Eye Of The Tiger

Click image to play one-minute clip from the song by Survivor
(mp3 file will play from a new browser window)