“Eye On Deriving” Lyrics

Jerome A. White
completed 4/2/11

Risin’ up, pushing through senior year
Done my time here in high school
Goin’ the distance in AP Calculus
Just a kid with a bid to derive

So many times this class climbs way too fast
Stay up all night just to study
Your social life is a thing of the past
It’s no wonder you feel so deprived

Keep your eye on deriving in AP Calculus
It’s a rush that’s unlike any other
But you’ll spill down the hill if you don’t readjust
‘Cuz success in this quest will rely on deriving

Week to week, this stuff doesn’t make sense
In a daze, head is spinning
Took this class at your grade point’s expense
In this fight for the plight to derive

Keep your eye on deriving in AP Calculus
And as tough as it gets you keep trying
Hit a wall, sometimes fall, you might cry you might cuss
But you jump right back up and retry, still deriving

Risin’ up, tryin’ not to drown
Keep your head above water
Took the challenge, you refuse to back down
Just a kid with a bid to derive

Yes the high of deriving gives some spice to your life
College waits up ahead in your future
There’s much more Calculus there to light up your nights
You won’t ever have to say goodbye to deriving

Natural high from deriving
Touch the sky while deriving
Be that guy who’s deriving
‘Til you die still deriving