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Mama Said Do Some Math

posted Wednesday 12/2/2009
(song/animation completed 11/25/2009)

Earlier this year some of the dancers in one of my calculus classes suddenly started busting out the chorus of LL Cool J's "Mama Said Knock You Out" (1990). Apparently their dance teacher had them perform once to that song.
Now almost two decades since the original song release, Curly P and Mista Whizz-ite ventured back into the studio to update this hip-hop classic in promotion of the upcoming American Mathematics Competition, in which Lusher High School will participate for the fourth year straight (Feb 9, 2010).
Once again my colleagues at Lusher were very cooperative in lending their vocal talents to this project. While the spontaneity of last year's "It's Tricky (the A.M.C.)" song and animation made that project special, the extra forethought of this year's endeavor will hopefully once again make it a smash hit in the school community.
At least one must admit that our crazy dope lyrics are no less catchy and no more nonsensical than the original song.

Mama Said Do Some Math

Click image to play full song/animation by LL Cool AMC
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Other versions:

Mama Said Knock You Out

Click image to play one-minute clip from the song by LL Cool J
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