“Mama Said Do Some Math” Lyrics

Jerome A. White & Peter Wenstrup
song and animation completed 11/25/09

C'mon kiddies!

[News Report]
And at Lusher High School, a couple nerdy maths teachers are promoting some contest.
It must be a maths thing.
So on February 9, 2010...

Don't call it a contest
The AMC's a war!
Hard to the core with math mayhem galore
Watchin' my score destroy like a hurricane
Makin' all these fools say "Dang!"
Calculations, equations
Leadin' this generation to crave them
When I bust with some calculus, theorems more profound than Pythagoras
You won't defeat me, even if you cheat
You'll never unseat
Me as the champ, you sad, sorry, pitiful creature
You're weaker than an English teacher!

I'm gonna do some math (HUUUH!!!)
Mama said do some math (HUUUH!!!)
AMC gonna be a blast (HUUUH!!!)
Mama said do some math (HUUUH!!!)
Competition ain't gonna last (HUUUH!!!)
Mama said do some math (HUUUH!!!)
My skills are unsurpassed (HUUUH!!!)
Mama said do some math (HUUUH!!!)

Don't you call this some regular schoolwork
AMC's bigger than the jerk
I'm gonna take this nitty gritty test by storm
Be ready to perform
Just like Sir Isaac Newton, they called him clever
First name greatest and last name ever
Cuz there's a locus
Gonna see me inside, I'm gonna be focused
And when I twist my pencil, get ready I'm a force like
Tau! How ya like me now?
If you got beef like a cow
I say "math off..." Who da boss? Your loss
You're over like MS-DOS
Calculating, eliminating
Kinda like Euclid, so you could say I'm Euclidean
Elements make up my mind
But no limit cause I'm undefined


Practicin' fractions all alone one day after school (HUUUH!!!)
I start to drool
I'm more than just your common denominator
So stop being a hater
On the AMC mathematics spree, sucka I guarantee
I'll chop ya like a tree and burn ya to the nth degree
Unless you pass my trophy
Crushin', disruptin' your dreams on AMC day
Like my name was Kanye


"Mathside!" chants are heard
As I salute my astute math groupies
The sneaky geek of the week, with sweet technique and mind mystique...
I'm gonna spread the word so be assured ya heard
That I ain't your average nerd
Suckas don't believe that I'm superb?!?
ABSUUUUUUURD!!!! Ooh buddyyyyy,
Check out the way that I studyyyy,
Mathematics (UHH) mathematics (UHH) mathematics (UHH) mathematics
Geometry, Algebra, Arithmetic
This dope AMC is crazy sick
Farmers (What!!!) Farmers (What!!!)
Hey, why are we shouting to farmers? That's kinda random.
That's what LL Cool J shouts in the original lyrics
Yeah, but we're changing the lyrics anyway, so why are we keeping "farmers?" It's so random.
Okay, point taken.
Acupuncturists (What!!!) Acupuncturists (What!!!)
I'm ready (We're ready!!!)
I think I wanna beast this test (Don't rest!)
Don't you neva eva doubt I'm the best
Cuz my equations run deep
And I do math in my sleep
I gotta thank Bob
Cuz he gave me the skillz to math
HARD!! Do some math, mama said do some math


Uhh, who's Bob?
Y'know, um, that's Pythagoras' first name
No. No, it's not.
Well okay, but I didn't want to be controversial
So you just made Bob up? Or do you pray to Bob every night?
Hey c'mon, I was tired when I wrote that line
Okay whatever, it's just that it's the end of the song and it turned out kinda anti-climactic... cuz of Bob
Well what do you suggest?
Shouldn't we remind students to sign up for the AMC?
Okay, but hurry up. We're about to get cut off.
Hey Lions, don't forget the American Mathematics Competition on February 9, 2010, right here at Lusher High School...[cut]