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Math In This Class

written Sunday, 4/27/2008
(song completed Saturday, 3/22/2008)

A little over a month ago I returned to the studio to record my next single. While my smash hit “Slow” was an up-tempo booty-shakin’ romp for the dance clubs, this time I wanted to lay down a sultry, smooth jam for the ladies. Awwww yeah.

I’m not the first rap superstar to showcase his/her range of talents with a little R & B crooning (Snoop Dogg, Lil’ Wayne, Queen Latifah, Mos Def). However, I might be the first who can simultaneously rap, sing, and solve differential equations.

Production wrapped on the weekend leading into Spring Break, but I sought an appropriately glitzy, grandiose gala for the world premiere. Enter last night’s Lusher Junior/Senior prom. A few limos, glittery gowns, white tuxes – How fittingly pretentious an event for me to release my latest masterpiece to the world. A couple hours into the affair I hit the stage and gave my adoring fans what they wanted. True, there’s a striking similarity to “Love In This Club” by Usher ft. Young Jeezy, but my intelligent lyrical prose and salacious vocal stylings leave no room for comparison to the lightweight pop prince.

So go ahead, foxy mathematical mamas: Dim the lights, pour yourself a tasty non-alcoholic beverage, and romance a few word problems deep into the night with a little “Math In This Class,” compliments of Mista Whizz-ite. You’re welcome, ladies.

Math In This Class

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Lyrics to “Math In This Class”

Love In This Club

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Photos and video from the Prom Night Performance

I obtained these photos, courtesy of a student in attendance. The last photo shows how I was rockin’ the house.

Streaming video that I posted on YouTube of the performance should appear above. If not, then go directly to the video posting at If you still can’t view it, then either (a) You can’t access YouTube from your current computer, (b) You need to install the latest FlashPlayer plug-in for your web brower, or (c) God hates you.

Alternately, here’s the video in QuickTime format (48Mb) stored on my own web host. To play this format, you’ll need Apple’s free QuickTime player installed. Someday, video on the web has got to get easier than this.

FYI: I have nothing to do with whatever other videos links are displayed at the end of the YouTube version of this video.