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written Saturday, 2/9/2008

(continued) …cuz dis here def tune be tha illest isht ya eva heard in ya life son, fo real.

Late that Wenzday evening, and fo bout an hour tha next day while tha lil homies and shawties in mah class wuz takin they math quiz, I put down mah tight verses in mah nizzotebook. Tha next day I rolled up in tha studio and spit hot fire in tha mic fo bout 15 minutes over supafly muzak beatz. Tha hizzy wuz bangin wit mah flow, yo. A day later I mixed tha dope sounds on mah slammin iMac G5 wit tha 2GHz PowerPC processah pimped out wit tha extra memory chip, and produced tha muthaflippin jam of tha year.

Now undahstand, everythang fallin 2 isht in tha radio scene, ya feel me brah? They don’t wanna play tha real isht straight from tha streetz of tha Mathside no mo. Local pimps an playas be bumpin mah song 24/7, but all tha FCC gonna let on tha air is some beat-bitin sucka who call hisself Flo Rida. Now his isht be blowin up tha radio an tha iTunes, an all the lil mommies be thinkin that he tha real deal. But real gangstas know, an now you know fo sho, that Daddy J gave birf 2 tha original joint that be makin tha headz nod in tha clubz.

Jus 2 show that I ain’t afraid 2 stand down these fake-booty rappers, Ima put both tunes down below so that you can judge fo yoself who be strokin ya eardrums sumthin nice.

Peace out,

Mista Whizz-ite.


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Lyrics to “Slow”


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