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Love Triangle

Poem 5/7/2011; Animation 6/26/2011

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Words to Love Triangle

I don’t remember how the concept for this poem even came to mind, but I recall abandoning it months ago after my first attempt to write it failed. The imagery and vocabulary that I initially tried to employ just wasn’t working.

Upon revisiting it in May while one of my classes was taking a test, the words suddenly started to flow. The mathematical references are pretty much limited to high-school geometry and trigonometry.

I had not yet read Edwin Abbott’s 1884 novella Flatland: A Romance In Many Dimensions, but I was familiar with the premise. The theme of beings transporting between dimensions also found its way into the verses.

The poem turned out to be a favorite amongst my own work, and to think that at one point it was headed for the trash pile makes it that much more personally satisfying.

After I finished writing, I got around to reading Flatland. I felt deceived that the “romance” promised by the full title was completely lacking… at least in the modern definition of the word. The book was otherwise fascinating, but I submit Love Triangle as a void-filler for like-minded nerds who’ve shared my disappointment.