From Venus To Cupid

Jerome A. White

Boy didn I tell you not to go medlin in grown folks bidness?
Yeah you may be the god of eroticism an beauty an all that but
What do a lil boy like yoself really know bout love?

Love is unpredictability

Love is chaos

Love is randomness

Love is blissful peaks disrupted by
Mournful slumps
Love is a meandering stream of magical sequential happenings an
Meant to bes
Rudely interrupted by woeful discontinuities an
Shouldna not never happened no way no hows
Things yo primitive lilboy mind cant even begin to comprehend young un

Love cant be controlled

Love cant be manipulated

Love cant be imposed

Relinquish any foolish schemin you got rattlin about in yo head
That you can go pokin round in grown peoples private affairs
Fixin em up with yo fanciful hookups
Shootin grownass men and women with yo silly lil bow an arrow
Causin em to believe they gonna love each other forever?!


Boy you don lost yo gotdang mind
You think that funny dont you?
I oughtta whip yo ripe lil behind

Speakin o which
Go on inside an put some pants on boy