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Los Gatos Weekly Times article

posted Friday, 10/07/2005

I don't remember how my mom ended up talking to a reporter from the Los Gatos Weekly Times (the community newspaper in the CA town where she lives). My mom told her about my experiences in Louisiana, sharing emails I had sent home. I eventually talked to the reporter myself during the week before Bonnabel High School reopened. Some details got a little confused in the article (e.g. I don't have any family in Louisiana, and I moved out of Los Gatos over three years ago), but overall I thought it was a pretty cool story.

Los Gatos Weekly Times from 9/28/05: direct link to the "Local residents caught up in the storm" article

Los Gatos Weekly Times from 9/28/05: front page of the archived web edition, includes link to article

I also kept the PDF version of the article that was available for download during the week that the article ran. The PDF file contains the photos and page layout of the actual newspaper, but a fine upstanding citizen like Mr. White wouldn't violate copyright laws by storing the file in my own webspace. Email me if you'd like me to send it to you.

Update: I've gotten several reports that the LGWT links aren't working for everyone. Here's the PDF file, modified to contain only the front page and the two pages with the article. Shhh… Don't tell the authorites. Download size is 874 KB.