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Nat & Joan are well!

sent: 9/02/2005

Great news all,

I called a bunch of motels in Jackson MS and *finally* was able to reach Nat & Joan. They’re surviving quite well!

They’re at the Super S hotel (used to be a Super 8, but the creative new owner just altered the old sign). When I talked to them just after the hurricane passed, but still before the horrific aftermath, power was out and they were having to boil water for drinking.

Now, power is back on, and Nat is getting the dialysis treatment he needs. In fact, they found a nephrologist (kidney doctor) who is also Baha’i, and is about to put them up in the local hospital. The hospital cafeteria keeps them well fed, and the pharmacy provides the necessary medications for Nat. Of course living is still a little rough. They just spent 2.5 hours in a gas line today. However, they seem to be dealing as well as anyone could expect through the comfort of their faith and prayer. Joan says the experience has brought them even closer.

Nat’s family remained in Raceland, about an hour or so west of New Orleans. They all weathered the storm, and his sister was able to drive by their house and report that it’s in pretty good condition, other than some aluminum siding being torn off. They won’t be able to move back for at least a few weeks. They intend to stay in Jackson for now, but are extremely appreciative of all the love and offers of support sent their way from our family. Nat & Joan send their love to you all too.

They’ve apparently changed their cell phone plan to allow free roaming/long distance/evenings/weekends. I still find contact with 504 area cell phones impossible, but here’s contact info if you’re interested:
* Super S motel (room 116 under “Nathaniel West”) 601-372-1006
* Joan cell phone 504-xxx-xxxx
* Nat cell phone 504-xxx-xxxx
I hear unofficially that residents of Jefferson Parish may return to retrieve possessions during one day from Mon/Tues/Wed, and then must leave again for at least a month more. Job situation is completely up in the air. I may look for temporary teaching positions in Houston area or Mississippi, or I may consider returning to CA to make some quick money for a few months teaching 3D CAD courses at Lockheed again. My plan was originally to do that over future summers, but I may find it smarter to move that up in my schedule if I can’t find steady work out here for several months. We’ll see…

As always, thank you again for all the great messages. Sorry I’m not responding as much as I’d like. All of us here are sharing the computer in my friend Michelle’s room, so I try to be reasonable in my computer usage. The positive thoughts definitely help me keep my spirits up.

I’ll keep you posted!
Love J