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Re: Bracing for Katrina

sent: 8/30/2005

Howdy again,

I’m doing well here in Baton Rouge. This city got hit too by heavy winds and rain, but nothing catastrophic. The apt where I’ve stayed the last two nights (friends of friend) is right next to the capitol building, so maybe that’s why we’re lucky to still have electricity. Internet just came back on this morning too, but we’re about to leave for Houston in a couple hours. One of my new friends here has family there, and that’s probably where we’ll spend the next week or so until it’s safe to come back home.

Yesterday the mayor of Kenner (where I was living & working) declared all buildings either destroyed or damaged. We saw TV footage of Kenner and neighboring Metairie with water up to the rooflines. With all my stuff on the second floor of my apt, I’m unsure whether my possessions is sitting there safely or floating through the city. What a pain it would/will be replace it all, but in the end I guess it’s only stuff.

I’ll be just fine. Thanks for all the good thoughts,